Youth A La Carte Lessons!  Summer 2024

Youth A La Carte Lessons! Summer 2024

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Ozaukee Talent typically has students sign up for the semester.  We have a fall semester, winter/spring semester and summer semester.  

Arts Mentor Angie Mack

Online and In-person Meetings Available

Publlic Speaking Experience

Directing, Performing and Educational Experience

Networking Experience 

Youth A La Carte Lessons are ideal for youth who:

  • Are 21 and under
  • Missed the cut-off to sign up for the semester
  • Former Ozaukee Talent students who want to "brush up" on their skills
  • Youth wanting to bring their creative skills to the next level
  • Students who have signed up for the next semester but would like to have some lessons before then
  • Students who have an audition coming up and want extra time to prep
  • Live outside of Ozaukee County and would like to try virtual lessons instead
  • Students who aren't able to commit to an entire session
  • Any student who wants honest feedback and ways to improve on their skill
  • Any youth who has an instrument laying around their house that isn't getting use

These lessons are on a first come, first served and not intended for adult lessons.  Interested adults can email highlighting what type of coaching they would like to receive, what their goal is, how much experience they have, etc... to see if it would be a good fit.   Adult A La Carte lessons are by appointment only and are a minimum of one hour.

General studio policies will be sent once you sign up.  If you have any questions, email

No refunds once reserved.  Lessons are held at 1701 11th Ave. in Grafton or online

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