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Register Early for Fall Lessons Weeks 9/12 - 12/12 (Music and Acting for all Ages)

Regular price $ 108

Ozaukee Talent FALL 2022 Private Music and Acting Lessons

Early Reservations Strongly Encouraged

1st installment $108 (recommend reserving by 8/5, non-refundable)
2nd installment $100 due September 5
3rd installment $100 due October 5
4th installment #$100 due November 5
Reservations for 2nd semester due December 5


When:  Weeks 9/12 through 12/12 

How Long:  1/2 hour (serious students usually sign up for multiple slots)

Where:  I live 1/2 block south of the Grafton Library and Kennedy School  My house is on the corner. 1701 11th Ave. in Grafton. Parents, siblings, grandparents, sitters, etc.... are asked to drop off and go on and errand, the library or remain in their car and wait..  Lessons are one on one only in order to have focused instruction tme.  (One Instructor and one student allowed in the music studio at a time.)


You can miss 2 of the 14 lessons during that time frame. I did not figure those 2 lessons into the cost. If you have perfect attendance, these lessons would be considered "freebies".  Anything beyond 2 misses will not be made up unless if I know about the date(s) in advance by 9/5.

If I need to miss a lesson, I will automatically make it up to you.  I rarely miss unless there is an appointment, meeting, emergency  or family issue that comes up.

WE WILL ALMOST ALWAYS RUN LESSONS ON TIME                                            Please know that the schedule is very strict due to the number of students I have.  If you are a no-call, no show I might go on a quick errand or log off if you are more than 7 minutes late.

IF THIS TIME SLOT ENDS UP NOT WORKING FOR YOU                                            You can only switch if I have an opening.  Otherwise, if you need to drop for some reason, you can find your own replacement and have them make the payments (kind of like when you sublet an apartment).  Please know that you are responsible to fulfill your total financial obligation regardless of whether you attend or not.  

MATERIALS                                                                                                                    I tailor each lesson to the individual.  The first lesson is usually for establishing goals and assessing skill level.   I will advise on materials as we go along if I haven’t already. 

PRACTICE                                                                                                                    You or your child won’t progress unless practice is done at home.  If your child is not wanting to practice at home, please talk to me so that I can offer some suggestions.  The speed at which an instrument or artistic skill is learned is largely dependent on practice time.

COMMUNICATION                                                                                                Email is the preferred method of communication. Texting is handy if we have difficulty connecting online, you are running late, have to cancel last minute, etc....  I find that most conflicts are due to communication misunderstandings, different philosophies, etc…..If there are ever any issues, please talk to me or write directly first.   

ANYONE ALLERGIC TO DOGS OR CATS?                                                                      I would like for you to know that I have a dog and cat who won't be present during the lessons.  So if ANYONE IS ALLERGIC, PLEASE LET ME KNOW RIGHT AWAY so that I can make other arrangements.  

RECOMMEND GETTING A GRAFTON LIBRARY CARD                                                Many like to "double up" and go to the Grafton Library to check out books, videos, etc... before or after their lesson.  Your first library card is free!  You just need to bring ID and proof of address when you sign up.

PHOTO/VIDEO                                                                                                                I occasionally take photos or short videos to share on Ozaukee Talent social media.  To protect children's safety, I do not reveal their name, age, school, time of lesson, etc.....Feel free to look at my Instagram account to see the types of things that I post.  Please let me know if you disapprove for any reason.

Photo, audio, and video cannot be taken on my premises without permission. Thank you.

HEALTH CONCERNS                                                                                              Students displaying any symptoms such as a fever, cough, runny nose, conjunctivitis, vomiting, diarrhea, nausea, rash, etc....will be asked to meet online or call in sick.   Students who have had contact with anyone with Covid-19 or any other communicable disease and/or symptoms will be asked to meet online.   Please try to email me by morning the day of your lesson. Please let me know of any mask preferences. Please let me know if your house has had any exposure so that I can take extra safety precautions.

We disinfect high surface areas in between each student.  Parents and siblings are not allowed in the music studio or on the porch during the lesson.  Students will be asked to use hand sanitizer when entering the premises.