2020 Ozaukee Talent 2nd Semester Payments

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Ozaukee Talent Winter 2020 Private Lessons

Many different disciplines available for all ages (piano, guitar, voice, ukulele, acting, songwriting, drums, music and technology, music appreciation, public speaking, arts consulting and more)  Question? Email is best.  angie@ozaukeetalent.com

For more about Ozaukee Talent visit OZAUKEETALENT.COM

For more information about the scope of Angie’s work visit ANGIEMACKREILLY.COM

To make your monthly payment visit OZAUKEETALENTREGISTRATION.COM 

When:  WEEKS January 6, 2020 through May 25, 2020 (20 weeks).  Keep checking back for additional time slots to be added.  Limited availability!

How often:  Music lesson slots are sold in half hour increments/week.  Some families choose to sign up for more than one half hour slot per week which is fine.  

Time slots are available first come, first serve


New Students (not enrolled during Fall 2019):  $125 due now to reserve (non-refundable). Money goes toward January tuition.  Additional payments of $100 due on February 1, March 1, April 1 and May 1. You may pay ahead of time.

Current Students (currently enrolled during Fall 2019):  $25 due now to reserve current slot (non-refundable). $100 due on January 15, February 15, March 15, April 15, May 15

*Please note that you are reserving a time slot for the entire semester.  Should you drop early, you will still be financially responsible to pay the entire semester tuition.   

Tuition fee is based upon the "going rate" of instructor's high level of experience, expertise, versatility and proven success.  Angie Mack Reilly has worked with thousands of families in Ozaukee County and has produced and/or directed over 100 productions since 2000.  Many testimonials, 5 star ratings and reviews available online.

Misses:  You get 5 free misses within the semester that do not need to be made up or paid for.  These misses have been figured into the overall cost. So if you have a dentist appointment, are sick, have soccer practice, etc...you should still be able to keep your commitment to private music lessons.  Are there any dates between the weeks of January 6 and May 25 that you know you will be missing? (i.e Spring Break?) Please email the dates to angie@ozaukeetalent.com  Each of those 5 lessons that you DO NOT MISS would be free.  So if you have perfect attendance, you can get up to 5 lessons ($175 value)

Here are some additional details for you to look over and then sign at the bottom.


262.309.4112 for quick texts.  Email is the preferred method of communication.  angie@ozaukeetalent.com 


Please know that the schedule is very strict due to the number of students I have with multiple family members and activities to get to.  So, for example, if you arrive 10 minutes late, you will have a 20 minute lesson. Please try not to arrive more than 5 minutes early if possible.  If I am in a lesson when you arrive, I will either invite you in or have you wait on the front porch.  


Only if I have an opening, you can switch.  Otherwise, if you need to drop for some reason, you can find your own replacement and have them make the payments (kind of like when you sublet an apartment).  Please know that you are responsible to fulfill your total financial obligation of $525 per ½ hour slot regardless of whether you attend or not.


I live one block south of the North Shore Academy of the Arts.  (Also 1/2 block south of the Grafton Library and Kennedy School)  My house is on the corner.  1701 11th Ave. in Grafton. Parents are welcome to sit on my front porch or drop off and go on and errand.  My experience is that kids learn better (and I teach better) when parents aren’t in the room and the lesson is one on one.


I am usually available even on snow days.  It will be your choice on whether you want to come in or not.  I have found that the roads are usually cleared up by the time we start lessons.  


I would like for you to know that I have a dog and cats who won't be present during the lessons.  So if ANYONE IS ALLERGIC, PLEASE LET ME KNOW RIGHT AWAY so that I can make other arrangements.  I do have an air purifier and air conditioner with a filter in the room and use an essential oil diffuser (usually with peppermint or lemon oil) to keep the rooms comfortable.  I also vacuum with a filter every day and mop the hardwood floors to keep any dander down.  


I tailor each lesson to the individual.  The first lesson is usually for establishing goals and assessing skill level.   I will advise on materials as we go along.  


Your child won’t progress unless if they practice at home.  If your child is not wanting to practice at home, please talk to me so that I can offer some suggestions.


Just a reminder that you get 5 FREE MISSES for the semester that will not be made up or paid for.  This was factored into the overall cost. Please try to give as much notice as possible when you are going to miss.  That way I can schedule other things during that time.  

There are no guarantees for make ups if you miss more than 5.  You will still be responsible for paying the full tuition for the school year.  I will be keeping attendance. If you could help and keep track of any misses from your end, that would be helpful as well.  


I won’t miss unless it's absolutely necessary.  If I have to miss, I will try to make it up to you.  Usually, it’s for medical appointments or family emergencies.  

PAYMENTS:  Please remember that I get my “paycheck” from YOU at the first of every month.  I have a lot of bills that are automatically withdrawn from my business account.  Due dates are listed above. A $5 per day late fee may be applied. Subsequent payments can be made at OZAUKEETALENTREGISTRATION.COM  Please let me know if payments are ever an issue so that we can work something out.   You can also pay ahead of time.

  • Childcare at $10/hr.  If you ever need additional childcare (drop in or otherwise), please ask.  If I am available, I am happy to help out.
    • It’s OK to pick up late.  If you get caught up in traffic, the grocery store line, etc….it’s OK.  I will just have your child wait until you arrive. If possible, give a courtesy text that you will be late picking up.
    • Drop your slot at any time (only if you can find your own replacement)


    I occasionally take photos or short videos to share on Ozaukee Talent social media.  To protect children's safety, I do not reveal their name, age, school, location, time of lesson, etc.....Feel free to look at my Instagram account to see the types of things that I post.  Please let me know if you disapprove for any reason.  (@ozaukeetalent) on Instagram.  


    I find that most conflicts are due to communication misunderstandings, different philosophies, etc…..If there are ever any issues, please talk to me or write directly first.  A common scenario is that a child might say, “Miss Angie said” or “Miss Angie did”.....This is usually where the breakdown of communication is. When in doubt, please ask.


    262.309.4112 (my cell)


    I have fully read, understand, agree and will sign,


    (signature)                                                                                      (date)

    Please write down any goals or expectations that you might have.so that we are on the same page.: 


    Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay