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Current Students Only (Winter/Spring 2023) Payment Plan

Regular price $ 100

Spring/Winter 2023 Schedule and Payments

Weeks 1/9 through 5/22  (20 weeks)


You can miss 3 of the 20 lessons during that time frame.  I did not figure those 3 lessons into the cost.  If you have perfect attendance, these lessons would be considered "freebies".  Anything beyond 3 misses will not be made up unless if there are extenuating circumstances.  I will automatically make up any lessons that I may have to miss.


Please note that these are not "monthly costs" but semester payment installments for the entire semester broken up for families on a budget.  You can pay ahead at anytime if you choose.

12/5 $100 Non-refundable

1/5 $100

2/5 $100

3/5 $100

4/5 $100

5/5 $60 + summer reservation payment (tbd)  SUMMER RESERVATION WILL BE $60 (announced on 2/9/23)  RESERVE HERE

Please note:  If this time slot ends up not working for you at any point, you can switch ONLY IF there is another opening.  If not, you will be responsible to continue making payments or finding your own replacement student.