Adult Private Music, Acting and Public Speaking Lessons

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Lessons are on a first sign up basis.  Fall is the busiest season.  Early enrollment strongly encouraged!  Instructor:  Angie Mack Reilly,  composer and musician.  20 years experience as a music director and arts mentor for adults.  Contact 

Who:  Adults (ages 18 to 118) of various levels seeking professional talent development in music, writing, acting and the arts.  Angie Mack Reilly is a lifetime musician and writer with key connections around the world.   Inquire about remote lessons if interested.

When:  Weeks 9/9/19 through 12/9/19 

How Long:  One hour every other week (choose odd dates or even dates)

Misses/Makeups:  You are allowed to make up no more than two lessons during the week of 12/16/19.  Anything beyond 2 misses won't be made up.   Make ups will only be during the week of 12/16/19.  

Cost:  Cost is a semester flatrate tuition.  Five payments of $85 each with one non-refundable payment down to reserve the slot.  Next pay dates are 9/15, 10/15, 11/15 and 12/15.  $5 per day late charge.  TESTIMONIALS 

Materials Needed:  TBD Please email a little about yourself, goals that you might have, rough age and experience to

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Where:  1701 11th Ave. in Grafton (1/2 block from the Grafton Library and Kennedy Elementary School)

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