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Ozaukee Talent 2nd Semester 2021 Online Private Lessons

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When:  WEEKS January 11, 2021 through May 24, 2021 (20 weeks).  Please choose an available slot from the drop down menu.  Check back for more slots to be added or email to inquire what else might be available.

Where:  Online via Zoom (sessions may not be recorded by either party without permission)  A unique code and password will be emailed to you the morning of the lesson.

How often:  Music lesson slots are sold in half hour increments/week.  Some families choose to sign up for more than one half hour slot per week which is fine.  

Time slots are available first come, first serve

Cost*:  $525 for the semester.  By reserving a slot, you are affirming your obligation to complete all semester payments on time.

New Students (not enrolled during Fall 2020):  $125 due now to reserve (non-refundable). Money goes toward January tuition.  Additional payments of $100 due on February 1, March 1, April 1 and May 1. You may pay ahead of time.

*Please note that you are reserving a time slot for the entire semester.  Should you drop early, you will still be financially responsible to pay the entire semester tuition.   

Misses:  You get 5 free misses within the semester that do not need to be made up.  These misses have been figured into the overall cost. So if you have a dentist appointment, are sick, have soccer practice, should still be able to keep your commitment to private music lessons.  Are there any dates between the weeks of January 11 and May 24 that you know you will be missing? (i.e Spring Break?) Please email the dates to 

Each of those 5 lessons that you DO NOT MISS would be free.  So if you have perfect attendance, you can get up to 5 lessons ($175 value)


262.309.4112 for quick texts.  Email is the preferred method of communication. Texting is handy if we have difficulty connecting online.


Please know that the schedule is very strict due to the number of students I have.  If you are a no-call, no show during a Zoom session I will log out after 5 to 10 minutes.


Only if I have an opening, you can switch.  Otherwise, if you need to drop for some reason, you can find your own replacement and have them make the payments (kind of like when you sublet an apartment).  Please know that you are responsible to fulfill your total financial obligation of $525 per ½ hour slot regardless of whether you attend or not.  


Due to Covid-19, lessons will be online.  I am open to re-evaluating down the road. 


I tailor each lesson to the individual.  The first lesson is usually for establishing goals and assessing skill level.   I will advise on materials as we go along.  


Your child won’t progress unless if they practice at home.  If your child is not wanting to practice at home, please talk to me so that I can offer some suggestions.


Just a reminder that you get 5 FREE MISSES for the semester that will NOT be made up.  This was factored into the overall cost. Please try to give as much notice as possible when you are going to miss.  That way I can schedule other things during that time.  

There are no guarantees for make ups if you miss more than 5.  You will still be responsible for paying the full tuition for the school year.  I will be keeping attendance. If you could help and keep track of any misses from your end, that would be helpful as well.  


I won’t miss unless it's absolutely necessary.  If I have to miss, I will make up the lesson to you.  Usually, it’s for medical appointments, technical difficulties or family emergencies.  

PAYMENTS:  Please remember that I get my “paycheck” from YOU at the first of every month.  I have a lot of bills that are automatically withdrawn from my business account.  Due dates are listed above. A $5 per day late fee may be applied. Subsequent payments can be made at OZAUKEETALENTREGISTRATION.COM  Please let me know if payments are ever an issue so that we can work something out.   You can also pay ahead of time. 


I find that most conflicts are due to communication misunderstandings, different philosophies, etc…..If there are ever any issues, please talk to me or write directly first.  Email is always best.