Online Music, Acting and Speech Presentation Video Critiques

Regular price $ 45.00

Do you need a professional to give you feedback on your audition before you go in?  Did your band write a new song?  Are you wondering if you really have a good voice or not?

Angie Mack Reilly is a long-time musical and theater producer/director who has acted in the role of audition judge for many performing arts competitions and events.

Email your video to angie@ozaukeetalent to receive an online critique with personalized tips on what you need to improve on.

If you want honest, unbiased, written feedback within 48 hours, pay $45 then email your video.  Fee is based on videos that are 10 minutes or less.

Do not worry if you don't have a professional quality video to present.  As an experienced producer, Angie is able to look past that.